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Bartering means trading goods or services with the next person without the use of money.
You get what you want! They get what they want!

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Barter Exchange Services in India

Deshpee Group of companies began its journey in 2014 and since then we have been helping our business partners through our various services. We started off with Floma, an interior design company. Then Socinova, an affordable social media management company. Soon we started Trigacy, a digital marketing agency. Then Nelda, a tree plantation NGO. Deshpee Digital Marketing Training Institue and Heaven Adventure, a trekking company are our latest two initiatives.
Deshpee Barter in India is our new beginning in trading cashless market. We offer our highly qualitative and affordable services in exchange of your products or services. Money is simply removed from the transaction. You get what you want!

Benefits of Barter Transactions

Barter trading gives you a new set of customers, which could turn into potential clients for you later. You get a new marketplace for your products or services ultimately increasing your business.

When you barter your products or services, it potentially increases your sales volume as you guarantee sales to your barter partner against their buying. Barter leads towards additional revenue. It expands your brand reach as well.

You simply pay through your products or services. You barter with them what they need and you get what you want from them. A mutual interest trading happens without any exchange of money. It saves your cash and maintains liquidity.

Barter trading makes accounting easier as it does not involve any money exchange. It helps to save your precious time and money in many ways.

You can practically barter anything as long as the other party wants what you have. You can barter your products for the services you need and vice versa.

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Products We're Seeking for Barter

Hr services
HR/Recruitment Services

We are ready to barter our marketing services or interior design services of value upto Rs. 1.5 Lac for next 9 months in exchange of HR and recruitment services.

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Newspaper Advertisements

We are ready to barter our interior design services of value upto Rs. 5 Lacs during the next 6 months in exchange of paid advertisement in local newspapers.

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Commission-Based Field Marketing

We are ready to barter our digital marketing services of value up to Rs. 1 Lacs during the next 6 months in exchange of field marketing services for our interior design services.

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Furniture Shop 200 sq.ft. Display Area

We are ready to barter our interior design or marketing services of value up to Rs. 1.2 Lacs during the next 6 months in exchange of a display at a furniture shop.

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Event Management & Marketing Services

We are ready to barter our business training or marketing services of value up to Rs. 5 Lacs during the next 6 months in exchange of event management and marketing services in Pune.

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Business Training Services

We are ready to barter our digital marketing services of value up to Rs. 3 Lacs during the next 9 months in exchange of business training services for our staff in Pune.

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Let's start bartering, India!

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How to Barter with Deshpee

barter in India

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On this website below, we have listed the things we wish to barter for. If you provide any of these products and services, we most likely want to trade with you!


Contact Us or Call Us

Please fill out the contact form on this page or call us to let us know which services you wish to barter and in exchange of which service from our side.


Discuss the Details

Our team will call you to discuss in detail how we can barter together. If everything checks out, our barter exchange in India will be on!


Get the Barter Services Delivered

You can choose any of our available services in exchange of the services we wish. Once we agree on the terms, we will start delivering the services right away.


Happy On-going Relationship!

We value our barter partners and make sure you keep on bartering with us. Cheers to our long barter relationship!


Yes, it is! Though it is a cashless exchange of goods or services, you do have a legal agreement base between you and your client. Morover, you have a choice of barter partner.

Deshpee has over 5 years of market presence, serving all over the globe. Our global and credible clients are the truest testimonies of our quality and trusted services.

No! Actually, bartering will boost your client base if you provide a quality and affordable service. The mouth publicity done by barter parters for you will automatically increase your cash business.

Yes, you can! You can look for mutual interest partners in barter trading so you both can continue bartering for a long time.

India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Expoentionally expanded IT and other product and services sectors are ready-made market for barter trading. The sky is the limit for barter in India.

Yes! You can barter your products for services and vice versa. It's just that your needs should be fulfilled by the next person's offerings and the same applies to their needs too.

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Barter Boosts Business!

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